Silky Cowl

I finished my latest project - this soft lacy cowl.  I got the pattern and the yarn from the Knit Cafe on Queen, and my only issue is that using the whole ball of wool didn't result in a long enough cowl, in my opinion.  The yarn is a wool/silk blend that is sooo soft, but because it isn't very long, the cowl feels kind of wimpy to me.  But whatever.  My first lace pattern turned out OK!
I think that spot of yellow is dried up play-doh in case you were wondering. :)  My life is so glamourous.


  1. Before you know it you're going to be an old lady who has a house full of yarn and about 11 cats! The upshot is that your cats won't put play-doh on your knitting.
    What a nice and delicate pattern. If you don't feel it's 'bulky' enough for you, use it when you dress up to go out. You can have a pretty little cowl to match your evening handbag!

  2. This is gorgeous! And I see we have the same stylist as I often wear my playdoh & yellow is my favorite color.


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