Let there be light!

Through my blog travels today, I somehow stumbled upon the site Light Locations which is just an amazing journey through some of the most beautiful, and yes light-filled, homes in Britain and abroad.  It is "a photographic location agency providing beautiful, inspiring lifestyle locations to the film/TV and photographic industry"  Yeah - I would say they are inspiring!  Excuse me while I go paint all my floors and walls white.  Aunt Daphne - perhaps you should submit your place?

Oh sigh....I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do...get yourself to the site for more!


  1. Oh, Lia, my apt is just too sad! But, I do love these rooms!! Nothing better than living in a big marshmellow, floating on a cloud. Not for everyone, but I find it very freeing. I, too, used to love Domino magazine and think it was you who told me it didn't exist anymore!

  2. I really have to start reading what I have written...marshmallow....or is it coffee mallow??? remember that?

  3. Oooooh! I love these. Some of the rooms remind me of home a little.


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