Detroit Decline Mash-up Photography


The unfathomable decline of the City of Detroit has been captured in hauntingly heart-breaking photos by many urban photographers, and most of these captivating images are compiled on the site  The site touches on the vast demographic changes that prompted the abandonment of so many beautiful buildings, and catalogues each location in various categories with a researcher's precision.  However, the photographs are more than archival, they are achingly unreal and beautifully artistic.  In going through the school images I am stunned and shocked by the mass of things left behind.  It's like everyone left for home at the end of a school day and then never returned.  Books, desks, posters, computers, artwork, papers, chemicals and equipment, just abandoned.  It's like a modern day Pompeii.

I have on many occasions found myself sucked in to the site for hours.  One section is dedicated to Cass Tech High School and there are some absolutely incredible photo mash-ups where old recovered pictures of life at the school are seamlessly woven onto photos of the abandoned school. I find them quite haunting.

I think I find them so striking not only because of the contrast between a school full of life and one abandoned, but because the images show so powerfully the passing of time, a concept that is difficult to capture in one image.  Many of the people-filled images are from my era in Junior High and High School, and I have to smile at the crimped hair and pleated pants.  Looking at these, I was struck by the idea that I can never return to that place in time, any more than anyone else.  Although the schools I went to are still standing and well-used, the places where I went to dances, fooled around in the halls, hung out in the stair wells, and sat gazing out the classroom window are as irretrievable to me as the moments in these photos.

I don't mean that mournfully, but the passage of time is something I am constantly trying to reconcile myself with - I think it is a struggle for all of us.  I love that these carefully created montages have the power to evoke such deep thoughts on a Friday morning!

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  1. Amazing photos - so sad that the city has so many abandoned structures, but I love the juxtaposition of the old and new photos. The photos remind me of a series of WW2 photos that were done like that. It has soldiers and civilians from WW2 superimposed on the buildings as they are today (in colour). It was very eerie. I'll try and find them if you haven't seen them before.

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  3. I would love to see those Grace, I love art and photography that somehow manages to capture the essence of time - no easy feat!

  4. very capturing photos. You described the feeling so well...I love looking at old pictures and i specially find the Detroit pictures vey haunting. Great post!

  5. Thanks Shadi! It is so strange to see such a massive shift in population, I always think of it as such a gradual thing...


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