Craig's List Roundup

Lovely simple lines on this iron bed - $100
It's been a while since I trolled around Craigslist looking for things I don't need - I have had no need, what with The Listings List bringing me all the good stuff with a fantastic dose of snarky humour.  But tonight the hubby is out and I am too tired to do any work but too wired to go to bed early, so treasure trolling it is.  Here are a few things that caught my eye amongst the insanely overpriced junk and car parts:

Art deco-shaped brass and glass shelves - $175
Oh-so-chic brass pendants with filament bulbs, two for $210 (so you know they want $200) isn't a crazy price...
'K, don't even really read this one... this kilim is mine (for $175).  Sorry honey, it has to be done.
LOVE the straight square lines on this brass head  LOVE.  WANT. $300
Looking beat-to-hell, but isn't that the point with these lamps?  All that character, in working order... for only $35!  You know this would be at least double that at SMASH.
A lovely walnut dresser with completely the wrong knobs (imho) - $225
Are these ugly?  I kind of love them - brass and rosewood flatware for $80
"Retro" light from Union Lighting means you won't need to rewire it! - $75
Sometimes a half-moon console table is just the right size for awkward spaces.  This guys has a nice shape, but it is looking a little rough, so I would talk them down... from $30.
Oh spool beds, how I love you. I really do. Even for $300.
 Anything tempt you?  Do you think I might have a thing for wood and brass?  Maybe?


  1. I saw the brass glass etagere the other day and I was really tempted. I also really like the spindle bed. I wish I had a spot at home for them. Oh well, maybe a newer and bigger house. :)

  2. Ha, isn't that the truth! Amazing how this house seemed ENORMOUS when we first got it, and now it is stuffed to the gills...


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