The Privacy Fence continued

In my new obsession with picking the back fence (the fact that it needs to get built pretty quickly helps top of mind) I have mocked up a few different options to get an idea of how things would look.  I am leaning towards the top horizontal fence, but I do realize that the lattice ideas below would look much nicer than my photoshopped images show.

What do you think?  I do kind of like the square lattice, maybe I could even do some horizontal bands on the bottom for more privacy?  Although that might end up looking like a hockey rink...

The holes for the poles were dug yesterday and are all ready for the guys to get started, if I could only pick a design!


  1. I like option #1, but I think the lattice options would look nice with some sort of climbing plant or vine.

  2. Thanks guys, I think I might have to save option #1 for the real fence and go with the lattice here, just to appear a little more 'neighbourly'!


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