Shades of Grey (*suitable for work!)

Straight up (mostly)

I am slowly dipping my toes into this graphic design thing, thanks to a lovely photographer who has asked me to do her logo, website and blog designs.  She has a very pared-down minimalist aesthetic and early on we decided her look had to involve grey.  I put together a few moodboards for her to look at to decide if she wanted to throw in any other colours.  I am a terrible blogger, because I do not have sources for all these lovely images, since I hadn't collected them for the blog.  Most of them are on my Pinterest boards, so I will try to get the links up tonight.  

SO, what do you think - which would you choose?  

With a side of butter yellow?

Add a dash of petal pink?

Or go bold with some neon spice?


  1. grey and chartreuse...crisp and clean

  2. I like the last two.

  3. Keira @ The Bennett HouseJuly 25, 2012 at 8:33 PM

    First and last for me. But with only one neon colour (I like the yellow or the orange).

  4. Grace @ sense and simplicityJuly 25, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    I love the gray with the yellow and pink and like the gray with the yellow.  I find the first one a bit dull and I have never liked neon.  MInd you I just noticed the comment grey and chartreuse and although I don't like chartreuse much I do love gray and turquoise and that can fit with the neon.

  5. Soft Grey, Beige, and White....Love that one 

  6. Soft grey, yellow and pink! Love them all!

  7. Love your mood boards :) Grey is our absolute favorite color, its such a versatile to pair with either soft or bright colors. Great choices :)

  8. I like the grey & neon....but I'm fancy like that :)


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