Covet Garden

If you have not yet checked out the online magazine Covet Garden, you really, really should.  It is wonderful for so many reasons:
  1. It is from Toronto (although the latest issue features a couple from PEI - go stylin' East Coasters!)
  2. Each issue deals with one home, in depth - the decor, the style, the story behind the people who live there, food they like, clothes they wear, idea on how to replicate some of their aesthetic.  I love the idea of really delving into these stories, like you would if you actually visited their home, rather than flipping through the best photos in any other mags.
  3. The layout and design of the magazine is beautiful.  The photos are stunning.  The fonts are perfection.  The spacing, the writing - it's so good.
  4. It's REAL.  Ok yeah the photos are styled, duh, but these aren't the super rich homes with amazing art and furniture and carpets we could never replicate, these are the unique homes of artists, students, the people down the street.  Talk about design voyeurism!  So good.
  5. The homes they pick are amazing!  Quirky, eclectic, individual.  Fun and stylish.  Inspiring.

Here are some screen shots I love, but you have to head over to get the whole picture.  Subscribe to make sure you see them all!  (Um, no I don't work for them...BUT I COULD!)  :)
 This one was pretty cool to see since it was the home of former AGO curator Dennis Reid, who I met when I did my museum studies degree - fun to see where he lives!
 LOOOOOOVE this nursery. Love. 
 The pillow.  It really is the best. pillow. ever.

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