City of Craft Fair

My little guy and I made it down to the City of Craft show, and it was quite fun!  He was a little overwhelmed by the music and the crush of people, but when one vendor gave him a paper press ruler, he was thrilled.  I took some iPhone photos of some of my favourite booths.
 I loved all the beautiful children's stuff from Petit Flaneur, and Sandra was there with her gorgeous children (her little girl and my little guy had a long hide-behind-Mom's-leg-and-stare-at-each-other game).
 Coasters from Trip Print Press, who gave us the ruler...
 Beautiful plants-you-can't-kill from Shannon Gerard.  The display was so lovely.  I also loved her card (below) - I love to see people business cards!  Check out her site - her crocheted anatomical hearts are awesome.
 Amazing stuff from Lines by:Davis - they had one scarf I really had to fight not to get for myself!  And damn, now I see it was way less than what he is charging on etsy... DAMN!
 All in all I would love some props for not filling my bags with things for myself!  Instead, Will and I picked out this nice walnut belt buckle for the hubster:
 And OK a couple of old posters for our walls...
 It was a fun show, but the best part was hanging out with the little dude. :)

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  1. hello! my friend who follows your blog told me you mentioned my table. i remember you coming by. thanks so much for the mention! loooove your blog- beautiful things and photos!

    take care-


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