Christmas Party Success

So I may have gone a little overboard with the red...but it was fun!  Problem with a small(ish) space like our main floor is that a little goes a long way - and I slathered it on.  The insane thing is that this is the biggest house/apartment we have ever lived in, and yet I only used about a third of the decorations in the boxes.  Yes, husband, we have too much stuff.
My apologies for the photo quality.  The Hubster and I have very different ways of approaching, well, LIFE, but especially parties.  I love the thrill of the day of, with the list of things to get and do, the puttering around, the frantic application of make-up as the doorbell rings.  He hates last minute preparations, finicky finessing of decorations, and my lackadaisical sense of time management.  So when I started taking photos while there was still food to be set out, the popping veins in his forehead and apoplectic sputtering told me I should probably put the camera down and start skewering some bocconcini balls...  hence the crappy photos.
Of course I couldn't let the house be the only thing to get the holiday red I got me some festive nail polish too.
The party was tons of fun, with the bestest of our friends in attendance, including our guest of honour from Kelowna (Chris's brother Dave).  Our little angels slept the whole way through without a peep (much to our amazement!).  And the hubster managed to have a good time, as evidenced below.  I am already planning the next one! :)


  1. I love it! It doesn't look overboard at all. Very classic with the red.

  2. Its so great! I love when houses are all decked out!

  3. Your photos are great! Your house looked so welcoming and festive - and red!

  4. I love it Lisa, very pretty. I should have added some lights too, makes it look even warmer. Looks like the party was a success ;)

  5. I LOVE all the red. It just feels so warm and festive. I don't think people use enough red.


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