Movember done right, eh? (Not that anyone can do it wrong...)

Beauty, eh?  I haven't really blogged about the Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup* but since that marvellous event I have been 1) inspired to blog like never before and 2) introduced to some kickin' new blogs.  One of these is definitely OK, Now what?, and I was won over by the Movember team.  Maggie (author of OK, Now What?)'s husband Rob and two of his friends did the Movember challenge for prostate cancer in magnificent Canadian style.  Team MOser's, eh? (a la "Take off, ya Hoser!") had an accompanying blog, which is good for fashion, fitness, and etiquette tips.  I encourage you to check it out.  And apparently, there is still time to help contribute to their campaign, which you can do here.  Nice work, ya hosers....

*About the event - it was seriously awesome and inspiring and I got to meet a whole bunch of amazing Canadian/Torontonian bloggers.  I will be adding a special category to my blogroll.  However, I didn't take any photos, and I am not in any of the 'official' photos from the event (mercifully?), so I figured no post!


  1. Totally honoured to be featured on you blog!!! Funny thing is today they were allowed to shave but they still have their fury lip warmers. You can vote for best Mo on the boys blog. Survey closes Friday.

  2. Thanks so much, eh! We really appreciate the support and glad we could make you laugh a little. AAAROOKOKOKOKOKOOOOOOOOO!

  3. YAY! I'm so glad there are others that took part in Movember! Kick a**! Love, love, love it! xo


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