Christmas Party Countdown - decor

Contrary to popular belief, being addicted to the internet has its downsides - there is so much beautiful inspiration out there, but how do you know what 'look' to choose for your holiday decorating?  Especially when you have to do it in a day?  However, one of the many upsides of internet-obsessing is sites like tumblr and pinterest, and on pinterest I created a folder of Holiday Inspiration.  After randomly saving things I was drawn to when I came across them, I went through my folder this evening to try to come up with some sort of direction for the house.  It's funny that they actually all kind of tie together - I seem to like pretty traditional white, green, and red - especially the red! - natural touches, and evergreens.  So I guess I know where I'm headed - time to get out the boxes and crank the holiday tunes!
One of the wonderful things about these sites is that you can drag a button onto your bookmark bar, and when you are on a site with an image you want to 'clip', you just hit that button and select the image.  Pinterest keep all the sourcing info and when you click on it in your folder it takes you to the original page.  So all sourcing info for these photos is over on pinterest!


  1. Whoa! I have some work to do!!

  2. I wouldn't worry Kinga - I only put this kind of pressure on myself!! :)


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