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I just had a great meeting with Yara -our fabulous graphic designer - and she is gettign ready for a wedding this summer. She told me to kee my eyes peeled for fun wedding stuff - so Yara, this one's for you!

Of the many blogs I am obsessed with, one of the best is called A Cup of Jo by Joanna Goddard. She also posts on Glamour's relationship blog Smitten. She is getting married soon so lots of her posts are about weddings! She just got her engagement photos taken and I LOVE them. I think she has more on both sites.

On the Smitten site she also shows a couple of ideas from another couple - the first is a Save the Date card they made by adding to one of their engagement photos. They were actually lying on the grass for the photo!

PS - I never did engagement photos. I didn't realize they were a 'thing' one did. Now I wish I had known there was a photo opportunity to be exploited! Maybe we can get some "Made it 6 years" photos done this summer....

Super-fun wedding sign.

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