This one is for Karen, who gave me a whole big beautiful bunch of origami cranes for Will's baby shower.  I have been meaning to display them, and found this great idea on this blog.  A Lampshade!  OK - maybe I will not put a light bulb in, but still they look cool in a clump - like a pinata.  Actually, the other thing I thought of last week was to find a nice branch, spray paint it some fun colour, mount it on the wall so it seems to be growing out of it, and hang them all from the branch.  I may try that.

These great lamps are from Tas-Ka.  They also come in white and black.

Also for Karen, is this super cool website, Origami Club.  They have a million origami designs for some crazy cute stuff, like the whale below.
Or how about a grasshopper?
Or a chicken? 
I would love to make these but will never find the time, so it is all on you Karen.

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    Funny thing is that lately I have totally been thinking about ways to display the cranes! Got one coming for William's room in the new house.

    Hugs and loves you lots,


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!