My Wedding Invite

With all the wedding talk Yara and I have been doing, I felt like going back and looking at the invites I made for our wedding.  I spent forever at the Japanese Paper Place choosing just the right papers and ribbons.  I must have spent months online looking for ideas and finding the perfect font. Kendra helped me glue them all together. I loved them!  And 6 years later I still like them.

The finished product

All the contents and the programme

One of the cheesy quotes from my programme.  

I also put together the whole ceremony since we didn't want it to be religious and I wanted some references to it being by the ocean. I loved my wedding and planning it was so much fun - with lots and lots of help from Mumma.

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  1. These are amazing Lisa! Thanks for all your brainstorming help. :)


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!