Uncle Chas

My "Uncle" (actually Dad's second cousin) Chas has always had this awesome collection of sculptures around his house, his garden, his farm, etc. I have long coveted them! There is now an exhibit of them in Saint John at the Arts Centre - the first time he has exhibited them formally. If you are in Saint John, go see them! And also, see if he will send me one.

I have not seen any of these ones before - this one is my FAV. It is Elsie Wayne, the former Mayor of Saint John, and at one point 50% of the PC seats in the House. :)

I lovethe clarinet dude in the back...

There is also an article in the local newspaper about this - written by my cousin (actually my second cousin) Katie! I swear we are not all related at home... Check it out: http://telegraphjournal.canadaeast.com/front/article/541501.


  1. I love these - they remind me so much of home! The one of Elsie Wayne is definitely my favourite! Ah, good memories. The biggest little city in the East!

  2. The head of the Arts Centre (Kathy McCarrol) is retiring and Mum wants me to apply...


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