Interior Design Show 2013


I had an amazing time at this year's Interior Design Show last Friday.  I was lucky to have joined an "InstaWalk" hosted by the gals over at Beige is Dead and led by Margot Austin.  Essentially we wandered through the booths snapping Instagrams of things that inspired us, and if you search #idswalk13 you'll find a treasure-trove of amazing ideas and products from the show.  Here are a few stand-outs for me, and I will also include a few links to some of the other bloggers on the walk who have done great round-ups.

From top, left to right: Gorgeous wall of Farrow & Ball colours - they are just so velvety and posh, and always just the right hue.  Wish I could afford them. :) Laser-cut alphabet by Eva Bartha of in a fun casual font.  They also had laser-cut felt hangings and their business card is laser-cut slices of wood. Show-stopping copper tub in the Ikea booth (which won the Gold Booth Award).  All of the tiles at Ceragres were beautiful (really, really beautiful), but I quite like this wood-grain tile for kitchens or bathrooms, where tile is the most practical but a wood floor looks so nice!

I had to stop at this eye-catching paint display at the Beauti-Tone Paint booth, where they had lots of great DIY paint ideas.  The Ikea display was the star of the show (I'll post some of their publicity photo eye candy below) but the marketer in me liked that they included the very-affordable prices.  New works by one of my favourite Canadian artists, Charlie Pachter in the Caviar20 booth.  I am dreaming up ways to use these big hexagonal tiles at Ceragres.

And here are the publicity Ikea booth photos I was sent, which I am posting because it was impossible to get a great photo with all the crowds in there.

And here are some great IDS13 round-up posts:

I wanted to post these right away, but this weekend I was as sick as I have been in a very long time with some sort of flu or virus.  It has run through every member of our household and is hanging on much too long!  I am used the colds and flu that go around but this one knocked us all flat.


  1. Sorry you've been sick. Hope you're feeling lots better now! I need to tie my next trip to TO into the Interior Design Show.

  2. Thanks for the link! Too bad we missed each other at this year's show - I would have loved to do the instawalk. Looks like it was great!

  3. Nice to meet you at the Instagram Walk and it's great to see what inspired you at the show. I am putting a similar wood look tile in my cottage bathroom. I'll let you know how it goes, I'm very excited to see it completed.

  4. Thanks Rosa, we are slowly feeling better! It is definitely worth it if you are planning a visit!

  5. It was a lot of fun for sure! Hopefully there will be another blogger event of some kind soon...:)

  6. Ooooh Lisa, I would love to hear how that goes! And it was a pleasure to meet you as well! :)

  7. This is just fantastic! I love what im seeing on this house.


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