Craigslist Round-Up Time!

Seriously long, beautiful, blue velvet tufted-back Louis XV-style sofa for $2500.  Wow.
Alright folks, obviously if I am going to start this year off right, I need to do a Craigslist Roundup post. I had high hopes for this search, since it is January/Organizing & Purging Month when people shed their belongings like a snake its skin, but I really wasn't blown away by the offerings.  I also have certain criteria for these lists: things have to be something I like, somewhat unique, that I could consider using in a room I designed.  It  has to have a good photo.  They also have to be cheap or reasonably-priced, which usually cuts the contenders in half!  Man, people charge a lot of money for crap... However, I managed to find a few gems to tempt you with...

60's-style chrome orb ceiling fixture for $75.  I would change the light bulbs (OBVS) and maybe the colour of the wires.  Could be cool, could be crap, requires inspection.
Mustard yellow (patterned?) velvet occasional chair for $175 OBO.  Not sure of the style - is that art deco? victorian? dunno.  walnut legs I would like to see close up.  Could be a funky dose of colour in a room.
OK, check out this awesome victorian corner curio cabinet for  $150.    Pretty wood, pretty art glass, nice shape...
...with blue velvet lining and a light! WHAT!? So it's a light fixture too. It has two glass shelves - for holding bar glasses?  Talk about unique...
Ikea swedish-style wool rug for $60.  I don't love the colours, and mostly I just posted this because I have the same rug in Wills room but all in blues and I love it.  People always ask me about it, and they haven't sold them in years, so here you go!
Conservative white chandelier for $75 OBO.  Not totally my taste (I'm not into chrome) but a nice, neutral fixture for a decent price.
Plastic crystal and brass ceiling fixture for $20.  Probably chintzy and complete crap, but for $20 worth a gander!
And finally, the piece-de-resistance, the one I WANT but can't quite justify, the Emily Henderson-style treasure find of the day, this cedar-lined brass half-size trunk for $195.  And they'll deliver.  **SOB** AAAAAH.  Buy it. (for me).

So there you have it, the inaugural 2013 craigslist round-up post.  I kind of feel like I could do better - there are treasures eluding me, I just know it.  Do you like any?  Hate any? Inspired? Think I'm a nutter with no taste at all?  Common guys, lemme have it.


  1. I ran across a craigs ad a few weeks ago for a chandelier where the lights looked like SPERM! like, once you saw it, you could not unsee it. its no longer posted but I wish I can taken a screen shot.

    Nice round up!! that trunk is gorgeous

  2. I love your craigslist round-ups!

  3. HAHAHA that would be worth posting! I wish you had had photo... or do I... maybe not. :) Thanks I want the trunk. I am going to cry when it gets sold. :(

  4. I love the sofa! Seriously, anytime I look on Craigslist all I find are over priced "antiques" or people trying to sell (for actual money) nasty old couches and chairs I would be embarrassed to leave on the curb for a garbage pickup!

  5. great finds. love the sofa and that chinzy light...i need a light for my office. I never find anything.

  6. I know, in the right room that sofa would be KILLER. And you have no idea how many times in these searches I snort in disgust or gasp at the audacity of people to charge what they do for what they are listing. I saw a 'vintage' Coca-Cola cardboard box (cardboard! and from maybe 5 years ago!) for $89. Insanity.

  7. My craigslist-ing skills can be bought Sundeep! :)

  8. I love these posts! Just goes to show that great finds are usually the result of obsessive, regular checking of the site. SO much overpriced crap to wade through, but even that can be good for a laugh. Am I the only one who gets tempted to reply to some of those ads only to say, 'Are you kidding?!'

  9. LOL sofa-king-cool! I love the drum chandy but I'm with you on the silver, I got a new one in a box on clearance that is bigger and less shiny from Cdn Tire for $40!! Sometimes a bargain is not a bargain :) This was a fun post! Happs Lisa :)

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  11. Nice work Dharma! You know I loves me a bargain - I never mind being one-upped on that front! :) Thanks for the love friend!


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