Dreamiest Dream House

I just wanted to show you all a few photos of my newest summer home in Sweden.  It's just a small casual spot on a rockface overlooking the ocean, no big deal.  It's full of old furniture we dug up (like the 17th century sofa in the living room) and naturally it's in Sweden so we painted it all white with a few pops of blue here and there.  There are days when I find all that natural light bouncing in off the ocean a little irritating - the kids have taken to wearing their sunglasses inside - and I long for my dark little pad in Toronto.  But I guess someone has to live here, right?
 Photos by Paul Ryan Redcover.com.  Seen on Kochem Weis.

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  1. The grey and coral cover is super pretty.....  I really like her stuff... :)

  2. Oh and why have we not been invited to this dream house for dinner..  :)

  3. I WANT TO LIVE HERE!  Le sigh....


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