The Mail Gods Giveth

Oh my goodness you guys, I don't think I had a full appreciation for the depth of my blogging habit until I lost my computer this week.  With the gift of my iPad I could browse and even comment (sometimes) on other blogs, but I was getting some serious shakes without being able to upload photos and do some photoshop!  However, the disk I was waiting for arrived from Apple and with after few more disasters and meltdowns, I am now completely up and running - mail, iPhoto and all!  YIPEEE!  (The photo above is actually a pretty lame version of my elation, but I couldn't find mad frenzied hysterical happiness + computer.  Which is odd when you think about it...)

Anyway, my days spent gazing forlornly at the mailman were not all in vain.   I had been offered a Poster Jack print a while ago and finally sent one off.  I was thrilled when this one arrived in the mail! is a great Canadian company sponsoring tomorrow's Blog Podium conference, and they offer a ton of ways to display your photos - from matted and framed to canvases and even metal or birchwood prints.  Since I had never seen anything done on wood I thought I would give that one a try, and picked one of my favourite beach shots to send.
It arrived pretty quickly and I really like how it turned out.  It would look great at a cottage or beach house, don't you think?  Anyone going with for a beach feel could get a few of these done, even larger, with images of the sea for the perfect wall art.
Another package arrived bearing my winnings from an awesome blog giveaway and I was thrilled when I opened it.  I knew I had won one of the limited edition tea towels from The Bay, but didn't know which one.  Imagine my elation to see that it was the (sold-out-impossible-to-get-your-hands-on) Alanna Cavanagh print!!
 Maybe I should get it framed like Tim at Design Maze did - his looks great, don't you think?
photo by Scott Young
And last, but definitely not least, I received a lovely gift from Jamie of Intertwyned Photography - a beautiful print of the tree photo I had been long admiring.  How awesome are her letter-pressed note cards?  And the photo is even more beautiful in person.  Thank you Jamie.
 Now to build that addition on the house to fit all my new lovelies...

Oh man, it feels good to be back.  And now to get ready for Blog Podium - sooo excited!!  See you there?


  1. Grace @ sense and simplicityMay 28, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    You sure had a lot of 'good' mail waiting for you - lucky you.  Love your new art.

  2. Oh darn, I saw you there, and even sat at the same table as NOW I am waving a big hello. Better late than never. LOL !
    Poster Jack looked awesome today at Blog Podium. I haven't tried their products/photo options yet...but I will now. Yipppeee. Great stuff ! I loved the photo on the metal. Stunner. Made me want to resurface my refrigerator. haha. TRUTH. 

  3. Keira @ The Bennett HouseMay 28, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    Love that tea towel framed! Would never think to do that, but it looks great. I'll have to check out Posterjack, the metal one sounds really interesting to me.


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