Craig's List Finds

Ask and you shall receive.  It seems that some people enjoy the Craig's List lists I make, and really, it's like therapy for me.  So here are all the things I want to buy for my imaginary house with my imaginary money:
Gorgeous lilac velvet button-tufted sofa - $975 OBO. It can be scotch-guarded, right? Sooo lovely....
Pretty wooden caned rocker - $80
This looks like a STUNNING and unique 9' x 10' Antique (ca. 1900) Turkish carpet - $396!  Have you seen this one Dad?
Pretty side-table with turned legs - $40
glass-door cabinets, $200 - I kind of like them on the floor like this!
ikea flat woven wool rug - $150 - I actually LOVE this rug... it would look great in the living room...
A massive collection of Denby stoneware - $250 OBO.  I don't think I have seen this dark pattern before.
Very unique end tables - antique shortening tins - $95
Antique chest of drawers, ca 1880 - $395 (not cheap but beautiful!)
tiny roll-top desk - $42
Antique iron bed - $35.  What???  Wouldn't this be perfect in a little boy's room?
Wait a second... *I* have a little fact I have 2...
Oh dear, this chapter of Craig's List finds may have break the 'Admire not Acquire' rule...

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  1. Great finds Lisa! I've been SCOURING Craigslist out here for a dresser or 2 and some night stands for our bedroom and I have had no luck. Lots of IKEA stuff, lots of really ugly stuff and then a ton of overpriced stuff... or things that just won't work for us. BAHHHH! I hate living out of boxes and suitcases haha

  2. You find the best stuff.  One day when I can buy a house, I hope you will help me fill it with your impeccable taste.

  3. Fantastic finds!  I love that roll up desk and those steel bin end tables.

  4. Dharma@WannabeMermaidMay 3, 2012 at 9:23 AM

    That sofa. *faints*


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