My amazing new iPhone lens

There were several people in my Souvenir Foto School who took all of their photos on their iPhone, and they were amazing, quality shots.  I learned so much about the great iPhone apps out there for photographers (did you know you can get photoshop on your phone for free?).  So far I have downloaded Camera+ and PicFrame, and will be looking at a few more.  I also learned about this cool lens for the phone.  It attached by a magnet that you stick on the phone, and has a wide angle and macro lens attached.  It was only $20 from Photojojo, and it got here really fast!  Plus they included a "stowaway dinosaur" plastic dinosaur with the shipment and the boys were THRILLED.  :)
Here are a couple of very un-styled photos I took to check out the wide-angle feature.  The focal area drops off pretty quickly, but you can get a lot in there - I was standing maybe 3 feet from the counter for these!
And here are a couple I took with the macro lens in Instagram (hence the borders).  The first is the leaf of my orchid plant, and the second is one of William's favourite hot wheels cars.  I may do a series of those ones for his room - perhaps to replace his stuffed animal portraits.
 I will definitely have some fun playing with this little guy!  Let's just hope I don't lose it...


  1. so fun!!!

    I just learned lightroom this week!  I played with some photos and printed them...have to go pick them up...I hope they are good!

    I can't believe how much tweaking is involved to print! even when it looks ok on screen!

  2. That's awesome!  Which ones did you print?  I noticed that Amazon had a one-day sale on Lightroom - I was tempted, even though I have photoshop!

  3. That is so cool! I need to get one.

  4. It is highly addictive! :)


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