Life Takes Over and a Mood Board

I am pretty sure in all my fancy blog classes, lectures, tutorials and tip sheets, it does not recommend radio silence for days on end. But sometimes life just gets so darn BUSY, and then the weather gets gloriously warm, and before you know it a week has flown by. Luckily today brings a cool foggy morning and the boys are content to play with their cars, so I can take a minute to post a little something. I have been working like crazy on the bathroom beautification project, which I will show once it reaches photo-worthy status. One of my friends also asked for some simple advice on wall colour and slip-cover colours for her living room, and I decided to take this an an invitation to spend hours on Olioboard.
She already has a big blue sectional that is comfy and kid-friendly, so that is the centre-piece.  She also has some great teak trunk-like tables and a fabulous pottery collection.  Because I am all about navy and grey at the moment, I suggested a warm grey for the walls and a dark grey for the slip-cover on her Ikea armchair.  This beautiful rug warms up the hardwood floor and anchors the furniture together.  Because she is a friend from out east, I added some ocean art to ground the walls, and some slightly nautical fabric for curtains.  Fun pillows tie everything together.  What do you think?  Anything else you would add or replace?  This stuff is so fun...


  1. I know where this living room is, and it will look amazing. I like the warm grey idea, as the light that room gets is minimal and cool-ish.

  2. I can't believe how different the wall colour looks on different devices! I looked at this on a different monitor and it almost looked like the same colour we have on our walls now! I love this grey! Do you know what the colour is? I've also ordered new fabric swatches for the Ektorp. I couldn't commit to ordering one without looking at the actual fabric - the first round of swatches were so different than what you saw on the computer screen. Stain guarded is still the number 1 priority!
    Thank you for this. I love that you're doing our house, one room at a time! And you're so good at it!


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!