My Dream House: The Walled Garden House

California be damned - I am now in love with this crescent-shaped house in England.  In fact, since it happens to be for sale, I may head on over.  Designed by architect David Kirkland, of the sustainable design firm Kirkland, Fraser, Moor, it's private front door is on the interior of the crescent shape.  The outside walls are made from straw bale.  The house is designed so that the sun warms the bedrooms in the morning, and the sitting rooms in the afternoon.  (Having spent a very rainy summer in England - I hope they have a back-up heating plan...)  It has a living roof with a zinc overhang to keep the indoor temperature consistent.  In addition to all that eco-awesomeness, it is also gorgeous.
Here is the kicker - it is priced at $1,069,000 CDN.  Here is what you can get in Toronto for $1,069,000:

I know which I would choose... you?

All photos from Knight Frank.  Found via Planete Deco


  1. OMG!! The house is stunning and of course I mean the one in England. It's so bright and the flooring. LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. ooooh, love love love this house! The space, the if we could just move it south a little for some more sun, we are in business! 

  3. In a heart beat...... I'd be packing my bags and getting on the plane for Jolly Olde England. i am sure there is enough room for you as I would share. Tea would be waiting for you.

  4. Maybe we should all put in for a time share?  :)  And a private jet?


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