Unstyled: I love my kitchen

Inspired by Jules's "Unstyled Life" posts, I thought I would post my typical afternoon, getting supper ready in the kitchen while my kids play in the sunroom, the afternoon sun pouring in.*  The fan whirrs, the cicadas buzz, and the kids murmur their toy's stories.  Makes a girl's heart happy.
*Makes me think of that line from one of my all-time favourite Joni Mitchell songs: ...the sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses...


  1. i love your kitchen too!

    where did you get the poufs? I love them!

  2. one of my fave songs ever.....and I know those kitchen-days well :) enjoy!

  3. Shannon, the poufs are a long story!... my friend and I saw some pillows at Kimberly Seldon's Distillery sale, went to visit the guy's workshop a few weeks later, he was moving and selling stuff cheap - we each bought a pouf for $10 and then he gave us each one for free as we were leaving! I wish I could remember his name... Jen, if you are reading this, do you remember? I bought the filling at Walmart and the boys adore them.

  4. Lisa - love your kitchen too!! That sounds like a really happy time indeed... and hopefully memories your children will also cherish as they get older...


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