Martin Reis in Montreal

One of the nice things about knowing some creative types is that my Facebook news feed is usually an interesting read.  When I saw these photos posted by my friend (and photo journalist) Martin Reis, I just had to ask him if I could share.  He has created a great series on street art he found in Montreal. (He also has sets for the G20 art, Rob Ford-related art, and a massive collection of Toronto street art on his Flickr page).  I have always been fascinated with street art/graffiti, and Martin has a great eye for finding the more interesting, arresting, and aesthetically-pleasing art, including the tiny stencils and posters that I would miss.

When I asked Martin for an introduction to the series, he wrote: "I have been documenting street art in Toronto and recently in Montreal for over a decade, and to me it's like reading newspaper - a more interesting one. I can get a sense of what people are inspired by and what they think about politics, love and life."  Plus, being a photographer, the shots are artworks in and of themselves, with great colour, perspective, and composition.  Here are a few from his Montreal set:

So what do you think?  Is street art ART?  Are photographs of street art ART?  I think some of these, blown up huge and simply framed on a feature wall could be amazing...

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