Purple Popsicles

'Tis the season for cool backyard treats, and I happily jumped on the homemade popsicle bandwagon this summer.  My ever-eager kitchen assistant was a fantastic sous-chef, measuring, pouring, and of course, taste-testing.  Our first attempt was blueberry-yogurt pops, the recipe for which came with the moulds (rocket ships - of course).

I don't have the recipe anymore, but here is practically the exact same recipe, from The Gracious Pantry:
2 cups non fat yogurt
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/4 cup agave (honey is okay too)
1 tsp. vanilla extract (optional)

1) place your ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth
2) pour carefully into each more
3) freeze overnight

The real fun of course comes the next day when you get to eat them!  Or, since they are rocket ships, fly them with much noise and commotion until they drip down your arm.  Your choice, really.

Now to be honest, these didn't turn out as well as the kids let on.  I think my frozen blueberries were too old and dried out, making the popsicle too dry as well.  But I did not give up, and recently, thanks to this great article by Blake Eligh, made some Greek Yogurt and Strawberry pops as explained by Cup of Jo.  They are much better, and some may disappear while the kids are napping...

Are they worth the effort when I could pop over to the store and get some already made?

I think they are because 1) I know what is in them, 2) it is a great activity for the kids on a hot summer day, 3) it teaches them that some things are worth waiting for, 4) when they eat them they can proudly explain "I made these Mummy!" (maybe I was their sous-chef?) 5) they taste waaaaay better.  But there is certainly room in my life for corner store freezies and ice-cream truck delights too!

Do you have any fun summer recipes or activities to share?  Seriously, I am running out of ideas...


  1. Way more fun to make them!

    I actually have a turkey in the oven - so much for summer! It was cool enough for the oven to go on and I was craving!

    Hey - I am going to make a teepee soon...what about that for the boys?

  2. Those look delicious. Not as healthy, but my no-drip popsicles were always a huge hit....with Mommies especially when I hosted summer gatherings.


  3. So fun... these are the types of things I look forward to doing with Halle when she gets older. It looks like your boys loved them... especially flying them haha! I love that picture - so cute!


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