For the Love of BLOGGING

I have just had one of those weeks where Mr Murphy (of the insidious Murphy's Law) set himself up in my life, made himself comfortable, and refused to leave.  What could go wrong went wrong.  It was a bumpy Back to School, a lot of which was probably me missing my old network of moms, and the rest being the Calgary bussing system!  I also dug into switching my blog over to wordpress, which I have been putting off doing.  However, this Saturday is BlogPodium, Canada's only design and lifestyle blogger conference, so I wanted to be able to have my new site all ready.


Well, as you can imagine, this has not been a simple process.  Those of you that follow me on Twitter were bombarded with every post I have ever posted as I imported them from Blogger not once, but twice (so sorry about that!).  I had everything in a place I was feeling pretty good about, until I made a coding snafu that essentially deleted the URL from the internet altogether.


With some help from the nice folks at BlueHost, I got it back, but minus all the changes I had spent the week doing.  Sigh.  At least doing them the second time is a bit faster, but I don't think I'll be doing much else this week.

That and trying to organize my itinerary for the week I am in Toronto to see all my friends is driving me nuts and making me feel blue.  There just isn't time to see everyone I love in such a short time!

Toronto Skyline by Aeryn Lynne

My impending visit back to where I didn't want to leave has me feeling pretty conflicted too - I am nervous about my reaction, how I'll feel to be wandering around a city that isn't mine anymore.  But I am so excited to see the friends I thought I wouldn't get to see for long while - it is going to be a fun, fabulous whirlwind of a week.  I am sure I will come back inspired with all kinds of ideas for my blog and for making this new place my own.  After all, I have everything I need: my boys (all three of them).  Everything else is just icing on the cake. :)


  1. Isn't the technical site of blogging fun?? Hahahahah :)
    It's funny - I was wondering the other day if you were coming to Blogpodium - glad to hear that you'll be there :)

  2. I switched over blogs this summer too, always more to do than expected. how are you liking wordpress? I was intimidated and ended up going with squarespace. love the platform but my google search hits have gone way down

  3. Huh, I never even thought of Squarespace, but now I am wishing I had! I have had some experience with WP and thought it would be a piece of cake, but no such luck. It doesn't help that I want to redo the whole design of the blog and don't seem to have any time to spend on the computer anymore! How is Squarespace's interface? Your blog looks fantastic - I love the profile pic. :)

  4. GAHHHH. It is driving me BANANAS. I am so glad you'll be there Michelle! I have been meaning to send you a note about the new blog - it looks FANTASTIC, I really love it. And also your dramatic haircut is the bomb. :) See you soon!

  5. I'm gonna give you a big ol' Toronto hug when I see you! Glad that we'll have you around for a bit but I'll be happy to send you back home to your boys. Its where your happiness is. Plus, you have all those house changes you have to blog about (and that I get to read about. Just saying). The sneak peek of the new site is looking fab!

  6. I happened to come across your post when checking where my Toronto Skyline image might be shared. I went to BlogPodium too and had a blast! :) I don't think we met tho... Will you be going to the one in Vancouver this year? Its unfortunately too far for me, but bet it will be just as awesome as 2014's.


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