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Hi friends!  It has been even nuttier than usual around here lately - for some reason my life seems to follow the "feast or famine" philosophy.  For a while I was able to find some space, really concentrate on the business course I am taking, and focus on being an RSM (Rock Star Mumma).  Then, suddenly, I landed a lovely marketing contract with a very short deadline, got started on some graphic work with a very short deadline, and am struggling to keep up with the course and all the reading.  Thank sweet merciful heavens my wonderful mother-in-law is here for a visit and has been able to take on full time kid care, leaving me to reacquaint myself with the joys of hours upon hours behind a desk.

I have many half-started-but-not-near-publishable blog posts in the hopper, but the universe decided to cut my blog a break and sent me an email with a complete guest post from Arcadian Home, all about calm, steady, grounded-in-history Belgian decor.  That bedroom with the velvet bed cover is going to be permanently stuck in my imagination - to think I had once decided that I didn't like purple!  Thanks universe (and Arcadian Home) - I owe you a solid.


Hello, everyone! It's Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a beautiful place to find lots of decorating inspirations, including interesting table decor, colorful accessories and amazing lighting fixtures. I'm so happy to be visiting with you at Wicked & Weird today to share a guest post about beautiful Belgian style. For your design inspiration, here is a virtual tour of appealing Belgian style--eight images that include both traditional and contemporary rooms in Belgium and the United States. Please enjoy!

Belgian Style

From washed wood floors to beamed ceiling, this spacious and beautiful living space is filled with the refined elegance of traditional Belgian style. The massive chandelier is simply stunning.

Belgian Style

Another pair of chandeliers drips with tiny beads - so ornate and feminine. In the background a carved cupboard shows off more traditional Belgian style.

Belgian Style

This spacious home brings beautiful Belgian style to a California home thanks to designer Katrin Cargill. Wonderful watery blues tie the rooms together. The wide arched doorways are quite different from the rounded ones we see in California Spanish style homes. A vintage foyer light and lovely dining room chandelier are visible in through the arches.

Belgian Style

This simply furnished bedroom in lovely neutrals is comfortable and inviting. Touches of color can be seen in artwork, fresh cut flowers, decorative pillow and lovely swing-arm wall lamps.

Belgian Style

This photo and the one that follows were taken at the 2012 Boston North Shore Design Show "Favorite Spaces." The design firm Wilson Kelsey showed how a Belgian style room can go from traditional to contemporary by simply changing out the side chair, floor covering, decorative accessories and artwork. Above is Wilson Kelsey's take on traditional Belgian style.

Belgian Style

And here is that same vignette transformed into a more contemporary look - the designers' updated view of Belgium style.

Belgian Style

This phenomenal dining room is the creation of Rik Storms, known for his work with old and antique building materials. The space merges a sense of history and contemporary seating to create a timeless Belgian look.

Belgian Style

For those who love learning about different interior design styles, this infographic "The History of Interior Design" created by Design Shuffle gives an interesting overview and examples of various styles down through history. Please click the credit link to view the entire page.

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What do you think of these Belgian styled interiors? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to stop by our website for more home decor and lighting inspirations!

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