I'm Still Kickin' !

I know, I definitely have lost my blogging mojo lately, but I have good reasons... honest.

1) As the clock ticks down on to these two crazy cats both starting full time school in the fall, I am more grateful than ever to be able to be home with them right now.  I realized that I was often getting sidetracked by the internet (ahem, and blogging) instead of being fully present with the kiddos - I would  be playing with them but thinking of what I wanted to do online, or be online, thinking that I should really be hanging with the boys.  Talk about a recipe for stress - it was a no-win situation.  So I had a heart-to-heart with the mirror and realized that I needed to treat this stay-at-home gig like a real job (I even wrote myself a job description... super crazy but it worked!).  I now spend my days completely focussed on what I am doing at home - in fact there have been many days when I didn't even turn on the computer until 8:00 pm when they were finally in bed (I do check emails from time to time on my phone, I am only human).  The result is that I am less stressed, getting more out of life, the boys' behaviour is better and they are happier, and my blog is empty.

2) I am joining the ranks of the mommy entrepreneurs.  Well, not right away, but I am building up to September.  I am in the midst of a fabulous online business coaching course by Marie Forleo, and am putting all my ducks in a row to launch my e-design business in the fall.  Yup, I decided to just PICK A DIRECTION already and once I did that, I knew that design was where my heart really wanted to go.  The course is great but intense, and every night I have been working from the boys' bedtime (or even before as Super Hubby will put them to bed when I am swamped with work) until my bedtime.  So my brain is expanding, and my blog is empty.

3) I am also working on starting another little business with a friend: we are going to start offering encaustic art portraits in our neighbourhood.   Above is the one I did ages ago at that first encaustic workshop I attended a year ago, at the suggestion of this same friend.  She and I have since done a few more workshops and art pieces of our kids, and have been asked for more by friends and family, so we thought... why not?  The idea is that people could give/send/email us a photo, and we would apply the encaustic finish and painting.  I like the idea that it is getting people's photos and family up on the wall, and in a unique artistic way.  (What do you think - are we crazy?) As a result, I have been elbow deep in melted wax, and the blog is empty.

Print from Society6.com
4) It seems I also love to do arts marketing and I have been working on a few contracts here and there with smaller arts groups in the GTA.  I love it, but of course it always ends up taking much more time and effort than I estimate!  I am squeezing that in with the "day job", coursework, and weekend workshops.  Thankfully, my recent dental work is getting paid for, but the blog is empty.

There you have it folks - my sob story/ sorry excuses/ exciting news/ update on life.  My blog reading has also plummeted (what is this I hear about google reader??? gasp???) so I would love to hear what you all have been up to in the last month or so! :)


  1. hooray I'm so excited for you. So many lovely new adventures. I know how you feel on the empty blog front. I'm changing jobs (after 12 yeas) and want to be a more present mom too. Fingers crossed!

  2. I'll make this brief so you can get back to your new mommy gig. Love the first photo. Glad the job ideas are coming together. Think the encaustic art is fab. Enjoy!

  3. I hear you Lisa... especially on the taking the stay at home thing seriously. I find that now that I'm spending less time online, and more time playing, exploring and being with Halle our days are much better. We're both happier and that is most important! As other have told me... we'll all be here when the time is right for you! :)

  4. That is wonderful advice Kerry, and so good to hear, since every now and then I think - I worked so hard on that blog, I can't just abandon it! But one can only do so many things, and having fun with the boys is definitely priority #1. Have fun with Halle!

  5. HAHA, Thanks Syliva, I am sneaking this in before their dad heads out to work! Thanks for the encaustic love, it sure is fun to do. :)

  6. Wow, 12 years, that's a big change Sundeep! Best of luck, and with the mommy thing too! They sure can be fun when they aren't calling you poop... :)


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