Boy Crafts: A Parking Garage


When I stumbled across this great parking garage craft on Spoonful, I got ridiculously excited.  Seriously - a craft my guys would love to make, love to play with, and that would use up some of my out-of-control stash of toilet paper rolls.  Major score.

The full instructions are on Spoonful, and I won't bore you with the details (not surprisingly their garage also looks way more profesh).  It is a pretty simple craft - cover toilet paper rolls with coloured paper, cut one side off a cereal box, draw on parking spots, glue rolls between the two sides of the cereal box, and add ramps.  It was a short enough activity that Cam and I could do it while Will was at school, which meant that Cam could actually get to participate in all the making (Will is a little... um... enthusiastic when we all do stuff together).  I have to say, he is a pretty fun co-crafter.

I am happy to report that this garage is still standing and, more importantly, is still in constant use!  Granted, it is used more as a giant jump for superhero cars than for boring old parking, but whatever works for them works for me. :)

Got any other good boy craft ideas for me??  I think next up are Easter eggs...


  1. You should - send pics when you are done! I am amazed at what a hit it is, they are playing with it right now!

  2. Ah! I could have used this one a year ago! My oldest made nun chuks out of toilet paper rolls today, lol!

  3. Haha I will have to file the nunchucks idea for future reference... thank Rosa! :)


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