Bright Bobbie Burgers Colour

It has been a while since I have done a proper blog post.  You know how you miss a day or two at the gym or skip a few runs, and it isn't so hard to get back on track?  But when you miss a week, suddenly you feel guilty for not going, but don't go.  Then it's another week and you aren't sure how to ease back into it without hurting your knees, so you don't go. Then people start to say things like "remember when you used to run?"  Yeah that's how blog posting has gone for me lately (and the running thing may or may not be personal experience...).  But here I am, ready to get back at it.  Perhaps it was this gorgeous room in the weekend's Globe and Mail of Bobbie Burgers's living room that did it.  I love it SO much, especially that incredible painting.

I have a whole new appreciation for painting after finishing up my first ever acrylics class.  As with all my many creative pursuits, I was torn between loving it and being frustrated that I wasn't an expert at day one.  I have a myriad of artistic interests and passions, but am not always very patient with the learning curve.  Just ask that sad-looking ukelele in the corner, the guitar crammed into the storage room, the folders full of never-attempted knitting patterns, or, for that matter, the stack of Learn Czech books that taunt me from the bookcase, and they would probably agree.

However, this painting thing has really taken hold - it helps that it is something I can do with the boys during the day (the amount of time I have to dedicate to learning new things might have something to do with giving up).  I feel like there are paintings like this blue one in me, just waiting to bust out onto my walls.  So I haven't quit yet, although posting my progress on the blog might still be a bit rough on the old ego.  In the meantime I will soak in the inspiringly bold, bright, and confident paintings by Bobbie Burgers, and the way they shine in her gorgeous BC home, taken from the May 2009 issue of House and Home (photos by Kim Christie).

Note to self: 
See??  That wasn't so hard, was it??


  1. I love Bobbie Burgers as well! One of my all time favourite houses. It really shows how much original art can do for a room.

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