Salt Dough Ornaments

The other day the troops were getting mutinous, so I ran to my friend the internet and before you could say "Screaming Melt-Down" we were up to our elbows in salt and flour making ornaments.  I found this great post on Momtastic with a salt dough recipe and the boys loved measuring, mixing, and especially kneading the dough.  We played with it for a while like play dough (no rush!) before rolling it out and getting out the cookie cutters.
For some reason he needs to stick out his tongue to concentrate...

Showing Mr. Fireman the ornaments (Mr. Fireman was a big help)...

We then dired them out in the oven for 4 hours - perfect for cleaning up, having lunch, getting to and from school, and of course - naps!

While the ornaments cooled, we set up the painting station and practiced on some canvases.

The finished products - I made sure to put in the holes before they baked, and then added the red string to hang.  My favourites are their hand prints!

When Dad got home and the paint was dry, we got to hang them!
It was the perfect all-day project, and I love seeing their ornaments on the tree (all near the bottom of course - our tree is a little bottom-heavy this year!)


  1. these are the greatest!

  2. Great idea. What kind of paint did you use?

  3. We just used regular poster paint that we had on hand (although some of it was sparkly!). It did sink in to the dough a little, but the boys didn't seem to notice. I think I may spray them with a clear coat to make them last longer.

  4. These ornaments are awesome - we made them last year. A word of warning - when packing them away for next year, get some little silica packets and put them in with the ornaments. Even when wrapped in tissue, they got mildewy on the back. After a few years, they start to disintegrate. I wonder if shellac (sp?) would resolve this - you have to keep those little hand prints!


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!