Light, bright duplex in Madrid

I thought I would share some photos I came across of this beautiful home in Madrid.  They are from, so I had to use google to translate the accompanying text (achieving some pretty sketchy English let me tell you).  If I am to trust the gist of what I read, it seems this is a duplex in a renovated former brothel called Le Petit Venice.  Cool.  Also, the looks seems to have been created without a ton of cash, since the majority of the pieces are from Ikea, Habitat, and Zara Home.
I like this simple kid's bedroom with the beautiful original art.  That graphic black and white piece just makes me want to get out my crayons... And I love that pretty blue pillow (that was also seen in the living room).
I love Suzanis.  Funny though that they used this one to style the living room as well - hard not to notice the reuse of such a bold piece.  I wonder what this place looks like when not styled for the photos?

Photos from Mi Casa Revista.  Found via Design Elements.

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