Kid Room Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration for a kid's room, you should definitely check out the gallery on the British magazine Living Etc.'s site - it is just full of fun but sophisticated ideas.  The rooms also make me want to pick up and move to Europe - where all kids live in bright roomw with floor-to-ceiling windows and fireplaces.  Bet it's freezing mind you - I remember my summer spent in rainy Bournemouth in a flat with those lovely windows and a non-working fireplace, I was constantly chilled to the bone!


  1. I love the room with the red beds and the windowsill menagerie. Same for the room with the yellow striped ceiling. I wonder about the wisdom (however ironic) of putting Coke and McD's logos in a kids room, though.

  2. Those were my fav's too, along with the last one with the rocking chair. I agree about the logos - but I loved the idea of lego art!

  3. yes, the four letter word for today is LOVE! amazing post. xo


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