Day Off

Since I worked right through Christmas, plus most nights and weekend for the past few weeks, I took today OFF.  (Well mostly - I am on call to drive up to Aurora for the press approvals...) So I did what I love best: I slept until NOON (so decadent) and went to my favourite Value Village.  Since this blog was meant to be about admiring not acquiring I used my handy iPhone to capture some of my favourite items.  First up was the bag with the TSO water bottle - my work follows me everywhere!  You really wouldn't think an orchestra job could do that...
 I love his wooden trawler and have been wanting one for a while, and it was only $6 but...I remained strong.  The wooden pitcher beside it is pretty cool too.
 The gumball machine - the Metaxa bottle - the glass canisters.. so much temptation.
 Pretty blue and sunflower pitcher, would look nice in a blue and white collection.
 I love earthenware.
 If it didn't say golf fund... and the sake bottle beside it is cute.  They also had a huge assortment of white milk glass vases, including some large ones that I had the strength to take out of my cart - Shannon - I thought of you!
 So many mason jars!  Big and little - I came home with 3 big ones, couldn't help it.  I love that they said Dominion Jar and Canadian made.
 Um, amazing!  The price tag was ripped so I can't tell you how much but it IS Value Village so it couldn't be much...
 I wanted all 3 of these - the little person wicker chair, the brass magazine rack, and especially that rocker!  In fact, I am still thinking about it.  $15!!  May have to go back...
So many tempting books - I ended up with 3.  I passed on the ones here - I have a ton of William Morris that are better quality and  didn't know how often I would consult the sewing book, although it was great.  And the kids encyclopedia set from 1970 was beautiful.
So what did I end up with?  Well, this lovely pottery pot I thought would look pretty in the kitchen full of wooden spoons, an ironstone creamer, that pretty plate I thought would be nice under a plant (My in-laws have all their china from the Czech Republic in that pattern), and the glass and silver serving dish - something I noticed I was lacking when we had our Christmas party!  I also got a small brass planter, 2 woven leather belts, 3 books, a brown corduroy blazer, and a whole bunch of Ukrainian (or maybe Polish?) linens - I will take a picture when I get them out of the freezer (I got paranoid about bed bugs on the way home!!) But I am still thinking of that rocker...and I forgot to check for yarn...maybe I should go back?  Anyone want me to pick up anything?  :-)


  1. What a fun day off! You have sooo much will power!

  2. Yes! I want the trawler - seriously, if you go back, please grab it for me. I love the pottery you got (surprise, surprise). Hope the press approvals went well. Miss you guys.

  3. Nice to see that TSO water bottle finally show up in a place where it belongs.

    (a blog post)

  4. Wow! you did stay strong. I couldnt have left without the gumball machine, magazine rack and sewing machine. Way to go! xo

  5. I would have also picked up the gumball machine and the magazine rack.

    I still have my Childrens Encyclopaedia Britannicas - pretty much mint condition. Hanging onto them for the nieces and nephew. I loved them growing up.

    Sandy K


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