William is the new Thomas?

Like the world we live in, the characters in the William The Garbage Truck & Crew storybook series include a variety of ethnicities and both genders. And like the people we know, each truck has a very distinct, fun personality too.The trucks each have a different conservation recycling duty.

WILLIAM The leader of The Crew, is a bright green garbage truck who disposes of mixed paper. Honest and good-natured, the other trucks look to WILLIAM to help solve any disagreements or problems.

The Crew:
  • ASHLEY is a shy, sweet lavender female street sweeper truck. She’s reserved but good at her job.
  • Cool and quiet, red-colored truck BLAKE carefully carries toxic household items like poisons, paints, oil, solvents, automotive fluids, cleaners and herbicides to the city dump.
  • Motor oil, tires and car batteries are carried away by CARLOS, a grey garbage truck who is a bit naughty and tends to get in trouble, sometimes without meaning to.
  • DAVID helps William keep the peace when the crew disagrees. Friendly and reliable, this yellow truck recycles refrigerators, heat pumps and air conditioners.
  • FALLON’s spunky energy is contagious. A smaller, pink female garbage truck, she happily delivers used kid’s toys to children that need them.
  • William can always count on his best friend, JAMES the blue truck, to be right at his side. Extremely loyal and helpful, carting away plastic bottles and cans is James’ specialty.
  • Trees that need to be planted are done by NAGEE, a brown garbage truck. Nagee is an all-around good worker, always following directions and doing what he is told.
  • Regular non-recyclable garbage is disposed of by STAN, a grumpy white garbage truck. Stan always gets the job done, but rarely smiles while doing it.
Hilarious!! Check it out and buy the book at williamandcrew.com

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