The web is a very dangerous place where I could just move in and set up and never leave! DO you know how many amazing ideas are on there? Through my maze of blogs, I came across this blog: Filth Wizardry, where the mom has all kinds of brilliant crafts and project for and with her 3 and 4 year old daughters. You have to visit the site for the full impact of her genius, but here are a couple of her projects:

She took these out-grown tights and truned them into a hat and baby legs for a friend's new baby. Fantastic.

And she took dollar store tea towels and made them into adorable skirts for her girls!
I love these!

A couple of other genius sites I have yet to peruse fully are Thrifty Craft Mama and Dollar Store Crafts. I love that while I day dream about doing all this fun stuff, others are really doing it!

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