Our new room

Our bedroom was driving me NUTS - it had too much furniture, was arranged all wrong and generally made me cranky.  So I convinced Chris to help me move all kinds of furniture, take a dresser out of William's room, and bring one down the basement.  (I think he was tired of listening to me complain about it!)  Then I found some curtains at West Elm (on sale for $10!), got a mirror at Winners and some stuff at Ikea, and after another long weekend of work, we have a new room!  It is SO much better, it now makes me happy to be in there. :)

Fresh flowers always help...

One of my all-time favourite things about the room is our gallery-style wall of art and photos.  I had been wanting to do this for a long time, and the walls in here are so nice and long, they seemed like the perfect place for it.  I looked at a LOT of examples online, laid it all out a million ways, and Chris painstakingly hung everything just right.

I think it turned out great.  And a bedroom with a huge window - what a novelty!

A closer look at the things we hung.


  1. Such a relaxing room!
    I feel you on the old room you had. I'm there now--We rent so I feel limited. And isn't it hard to get rid of old furniture that doesn't work? I do promise myself to really unpack and settle in when we move again. Good job! Love the photo gallery!

  2. Thank you! Of course I have changed it around a bit since this post, but the basic layout is the same, and I still love it. :) And yes, it is SO hard to get rid of furniture! ANd also to turn down free furniture... but when we did I felt so much lighter!

  3. I'm envious of that light feeling. :=) Can't wait.
    Any tips for the gallery arrangement? I love how they frames are not the same!

  4. Hmmm... I guess I would definitely advise laying them out on the floor to find the arrangement you like best. I did this and then stood on a chair and took a digital photo to see how it would look (it was hard for me to imagine it when they were on the floor!) Also, I tried to anchor the whole thing around one big piece (the colourful boat painting) and make that the highest piece. I kept it haphazard so I could keep adding things if I wanted.


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