Is champagne gold the new brass?


I love my iPhone - probably too much (especially according to some people who shall remain nameless).  I have the ancient iPhone 4, and considering I use it almost constantly every single day, it has held up pretty well.  But the home button is going, the memory is full, and my contract with Bell is up.  Lucky for me, it is just in time for the launch of the new iPhone 5c and 5s!  I haven't decided which one I am going to get (any advice?), but I can't help but admire the new champagne gold colour Apple has introduced.

Brass has been everywhere the last couple of years, and although I admit it took me a bit to get over my 80's brass associations, I have embraced it wholeheartedly. I love a warm, patinaed brass - it gives a sense of history, a connection to things past.  Lately, the trend seems to be turning to more of a shiny gold, and I keep seeing rose gold accessories everywhere.

I think the champagne gold chosen by Apple is going to be popular, because it is almost the perfect halfway point between gold and silver.  It has the sleek sheen of stainless, the warmth of gold and brass, and the novelty of copper.  In googling 'champagne gold', it seems that the wedding industry still has an almost complete monopoly of the colour (shudder), but I managed to find a few items that would be perfect pieces to add that subtle shine of this very neutral metal to any room.

1. Silver leafed boxes from Studio A  
2. Faceted paperweight from Living by Christiane Lemieux  
3. Gorgeous metallic foil cushions from Caitlin Wilson  
4. Morrocan-inspired side table from Zinc Door 
 5. Hollywood Regency drum table from Kathy Kuo Home  
6.  Mercury glass table lamp from Kathy Kuo Home  
7.  Serving bowl from Pier 1  
8.  Champagne chevron rug from Ralph Lauren Home

Of course I had to do a style board as well, cause... why not?

1. Champagne long puffa coat from Dorothy Perkins 
2. Bookclub glasses in Champagne from Madewell  
3. Parker Blue eternity scarf from Barneys New York
4. Champagne gold metallic leather wallet from Gift Shop Brooklyn 
5. Vegan sequined smoking slipper from Arisa 
6. Classic Metro watch from Kate Spade

I still love me my brass, but there is something very fresh and clean about this shade of gold.  I think it could be great as a statement colour, like in the kitchen, or just as an added bit of sparkle in the accessories.  Here are a few inspiration rooms that incorporate this colour:

Elle_Decor_jean-louis-deniot-paris-apartment-design _Champagne_silver_gold
Jean-Louis Deiot's kitchen as featured in Elle Decor.  Photo by Simon Upton.
Suzanne Kastler's Atlanta Home featured in Architectural Digest April 2012
Vancouver kitchen designed by Natalie Culter featured on Marion House Blog.  Photography by Janis Nicolay.
Staircase by Based Upon.

Bestlight wall sconce as featured by Studio Number 19 Blog

Bathroom design by Greg Stewart as featured in Interiors Magazine.

I think I like it as long as it steers clear of the pinker version... so basically, I like light brass or gold.  As soon as it heads silver or pink, it gets a little 'ruffles, bedskirts, and tiaras' - which is fine, but just isn't for me.  What do you think?  Will we be seeing more of Champagne Gold?

And what iPhone should I get??


  1. What a beautiful collection of photos and goods. Thanks for the inspiration! I like the idea that champagne as a finish can blend well with both the warm and cooler metal tones.

  2. oh how i love gold...all shades for me!

  3. I love this colour of gold. We framed our albumens using this colour (although the framer called it platinum, but to me it is inbetween silver and gold) and it is such an easy colour to live with.

  4. Thank you Fiona! What a kind comment, you've made my day. :) I agree, I like that it plays so nicely with other metals too.

  5. I agree, it is a little quieter than brass or copper, but with more personality than silver. :) Thanks for the comment Sylvia - are you going to BlogPodium this weekend?

  6. Nike, I didn't get to see you! :( But I am now following your blog, so by the time we hook up next year we'll be buddies. :)


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