Strawberry-Picking in New Brunswick

I just returned from a month in New Brunswick and while I had the best of intentions of posting regular updates, I was too busy living them to even download them from my camera. These shots are from our first full day at Nana and Grampy's, at the very end of the strawberry-picking season.  We drove (and ferried) over to the Kingston Peninsula to see what was left at Bates Landing.  The berries were pretty picked-over, but the boys and Nana had fun, and I just soaked in the New Brunswick air and admired the view.  I also ate a few strawberries. :)

It was the perfect beginning to the perfect holiday. :)


  1. A month in NB sounds like heaven. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it so I can live vicariously through you. I've been back and forth to the cottage packing and unpacking like a yo-yo.

    I saw your in-progress move to Wordpress. How is that going?

  2. thanks Sylvia, it really was heaven, and I say that with no exaggerating! To be fair, your cottage looks pretty dreamy itself. We are lucky gals.

    Wordpress the moment. :) To busy having fun! September...September... it is the magical month when everything will happen!


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