Weston & Burtynsky on Ill Seen, Ill Said

Things are sort of crazy busy around here lately, leaving not a lot of blogging time or fabulous post-writing.  However, Jane at Ill Seen, Ill Said is on fire, and I want to send you over to see her brilliant post comparing Prof Richard Weston's silk scarves made with extreme close-ups of minerals and crystals and Edward Burtynsky's massive industrial landscapes.  I love love love Burtynsky's photographs, and Jane's comparison has made me see them in an entirely new light.
2a. Weston Scarves Turquoise Agate Print Silk Scarf from Liberty of London
2b. Mines #17 - Lornex Open Pit Copper Mine. Highland Valley, British Columbia 1985 by Edward Burtynsky

3a. Weston Scarves Abalone Shell Print Silk Scarf from Liberty of London
3b. Oil Spill #4, Oil Skimming Boat, Near Ground Zero, Gulf of Mexico, June 24, 2010 by Edward Burtynsky

See the rest of her amazing juxtapositions on Ill Seen, Ill Said.

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