First Day of School: Survived

Well, somehow we all survived the first day of school, despite the fact that my kids are clearly nuts.  There were lots of emotions going on, and things began to fray around the edges in the late afternoon, but we did it.  Will started French Immersion and came home speaking "French" with all his cars (Je m'appelle Corvette!).  Cam found the huge bin of cars at his nursery school and was in heaven.  They also painted with cars, which sort of blew his mind - he did 4 paintings.  These photos crack me up, especially Cam's Zoolander face...
And another year begins... I am one lucky mumma.


  1. sundeep @ designwaliSeptember 5, 2012 at 5:27 AM

    so cute!! love that frog backpack.

  2. Oh your boys are so cute!! Love that they're holding hands in that last photo.

  3. Great photos! I love seeing kids with backpacks, they look so grown up!


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