Alphabet Art

There are so many beautiful alphabet prints for kids rooms and play rooms, and trust me, when I was preggo with Cameron and envisioning his room I looked at most of them!  I really liked the one above from Orange Ink on Etsy, and here are a few more that caught my eye:

This one is a gorgeous wood cut from Toronto's own Bookhou, which has a store online and on Dundas West.  I love that it is 3-D, not a poster.  They have amazing kids stuff.  But at $50 it was a bit steep.
This one is from Petit Collage ($50 USD!)
This screen-printed poster by Blinth is inspired by mid-century modern wooden toys, so you know I love it.  It is $85 USD unframed.
This one is actually one of my favourite ones, from WestWillow on Etsy, and is only $15!

After looking at them all for a while though, they really didn't look that complicated to do, so I made up this one in word using the colours I wanted, and am hoping that Dan or Yara can help me figure out how to print it...

What do you think?  Should I quit my day job?  :)

A couple of other round-ups of alphabet posters can be found on Design*Sponge, and of course Ohdeedoh.


  1. Amazing! As for your current day job, I don't think quitting is an option!! I came across a few of the other alphabets that you have here on my own. However, yours is at the top of my list. Of the ones you posted above, my favourite (apart from yours) was the first one. We'll have to get Dan on it, print wise. Maybe my basement wall is going to be a collection of alphabets. I still quite like the fun and boyish nature of the alphabet I showed you yesterday. Hmmmm....

  2. oh WOW. Beautiful nursery. Almost makes me want to have another babe or two (and another couple of rooms to put them in...that's another story). I love the artwork, and the crane mobile is so lovely. Where does one find a clip mobile? Off to google with me...Also, I have the Bookhou alphabet in my writerly office. I think it qualifies as a "resource" or something. Maybe my accountant will let me write it off?

  3. Thanks guys!!! Blake, I got the mobile at Urban Outfitters, but it is Umbra, so you could get it there too! And the alphabet is DEFINITELY a resource - inspiration maybe? :)

  4. I love your alphabet art. How did you do it in word. I really would love to do something similar since I am on a budget but also my little guys colors are hard to match.Thanks and love your blog..

  5. HI Afton - first of all, thank you! :) Let's see... I guess first I downloaded some free fonts . One was for the letters, and the other 2 were actually for the animals - they were like wingdings (or whatever they are called). So I got the elephant when I hit 'e', etc. I will see if I can remember where I downloaded them from and post again.

    Then I made a text box for each individual letter and animal. That way I could move them around to wherever I wanted them, and also move them behind or in front of another animal or letter (that part is found in the format text box menu).

    Then, also in the format text menu, you can choose the colour you want for the letter or shape. They give you a selection to choose from, but you can also customize and find the exact colour you want from a colour wheel.

    Does this make sense? Maybe I should do a tutorial...

    Also, if you want the one I made I am happy to email it to you.

    I hope that helped! I hope you come back and visit again!

  6. Your poster is THE BEST out of all of these!! You should DEFINITELY do a tutorial!!! I would LOVE to have one like it!

  7. I must say I agree, I love yours! Lovelovelove the colors..


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