Got Magazines?

As many of you know I have a small addiction to magazines.  Actually, we both do.  Our list of monthly subscriptions includes Style at Home, Todays Parent, Toronto Life, Glamour, Self, Bike, Explore, Car and Driver (supposedly for Will), Prevention, Canadian Family, Economist, Canadian Business, Money Sense, and Canadian House and Home (or at least I am hoping - hint hint Mom!)  Needless to say that means we are personally responsible for the clear-cutting in all of BC.  To assuage my guilt, I bookmarked these clever ideas for recycling magazines (and newspapers) into stylish Christmas accessories.

The above stars were posted on Linaloo, along the this beautiful wreath.  They are made from German stars, or Frobel Stern, and could be used for garland or ornaments as well.

I also came across these bows on How About Orange, and they look easy enough even for me to try.

ANd like the stars above, they could really be made out of anything, including maps.

And lastly (and indeed leastly) is this Christmas tree, which would use up some magazines and looks nice, if you had room for it!  Actually, 3 in different heights wouldn't be a bad centrepiece?

The instructions can be found on Reader's Digest.  And of course, magazines can be use to wrap presents (did you know that most gift wrap cannot be recycled and ends up in a land fill?).  So there are at least a couple of paths to redemption for me, right?

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