New Home Sweet Home

Is rain on your moving day a good omen, like rain on your wedding day?

Welcome to my first blog post as a Calgarian!  The past two-to-three months have been one hell of a transition, and it feels good to finally be on the 'other side' of this whole move.  I have certainly learned a lot about packing, moving, transitioning the kids, and milking my family for manual labour.  My poor mother may never visit me again at the risk of being put to work, and I am sure we both have night sweats just thinking about BOXES (*shudder*).

This room gives me panic attacks.

My mom had the brilliant idea of marking most of the boxes, other than the essentials, for the basement and putting them all in the back someday-guest room (currently room-I-avoid-at-all-costs).  The sheets and clothes and toys we sent upstairs, but this was the perfect solution for all the "misc. candles" boxes, of which I have, um, several.

Take-out anyone?

However, the kitchen still managed to be completely overwhelming.  Thank heavens for my mother-in-law and my friend Carrie, who helped me establish some sort of organizational system.  While the kitchen does indeed have oodles of storage, I would say about 60% requires me getting on the step stool to reach.  That made the remaining 40% precious real estate, and we must have moved things 9 or 10 times trying to figure out which was more important - sandwich bags, tupperware, canned goods or pots and pans?? In the end we have sort of a system going and I just think about how buff my quads are going to be every time I climb up that step stool.

Oh yeah, and did I mentioned that it SNOWED - A LOT - for my first week here?  As in, the first week of May!?  That is not a little dusting pictured above... Luckily, liquor is sold on just about every corner here, so I made it through the nasty weather.  Today it is sunny and warm, and I actually had to venture in to the daunting Room Of Boxes to find the fans (cue the scary music).

I have no idea when I will be able to post some photos of how our stuff looks in the house - those lovely styled shots are nowhere near happening for a while.  There is nothing on any wall, other than a clock I stuck up so I wouldn't forget to pick up Will.  It has also been a little tough to reconcile this beautiful, minimalist house with all of our vases, pottery, bowls, boxes, art objects, etc.  If you look back at the staged photos, you'll see that there are zero display areas!  But between purging and creative thinking, I am sure I'll figure something out...

It is nice to have something to occupy my mind with anyway, so I don't have to think about how home-sick I am. :(


  1. I am still super jealous of your new place. I've always been a traditional home girl (with modern upgrades, of course haha) but your house made me think that I'd love my next place to be big, and SUPER modern. Lots of windows. Clean. Sigh. Can't wait for more pics!

  2. Good luck unpacking. That is my favourite part about moving! And i LOVE your home!

  3. Thanks Barbara! Unpacking is brutal, but nothing will ever match the agony that was packing. Ugh. You are so close now - we'll have to get together! :)

  4. Thanks Janice! I know, I am actually a traditional gal myself, and no one was more surprised than me when we chose this puppy. I am loving the newness for SURE - and the LIGHT! And no squeaky floors! But I definitely miss some of the charms of an older home... There will be more pics at some point! :)

  5. Thank you Susan! I am sad we never got to meet up in the BWV hood before I left. Can I interest you in a little Stampede action? ;p

  6. I'll definitely let you know when whenever I visit Calgary again! :)

  7. I am just now catching up!! It sounds like we are going through some similar life changes + huge changes with making new spaces our own. xo julia


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