One of a Kind (late) roundup

Wow, this has been one busy week.  Between contractors and insurance people, clients (I love saying that word) and blog events, I haven't had a chance to post anything for a while.  So here is a belated round-up of the One of a Kind winter show, which runs until the end of the weekend, with late night shopping hours tonight!

The media breakfast was lovely, as always.  This year we got to enjoy my favourite kind of breakfast - sinful sweets!  The doughnuts from Glory Hole doughnuts were so decadent and delicious that I went a little overboard and had two...I like to think I burned them off as I raced through the Direct Energy Centre for the next couple of hours (could'a happened, right?).  My favourite artisan picks from last year were mostly all there again, and their stuff was still amazing.  I also found a couple of booths that I hadn't noticed last year (I seem to miss some every time I go). 

Becca Wallace has the most awesome photos of vintage cars and trucks against these bright and cheerful backgrounds.  The epoxy finish is perfect, they really pop out at you as you go by.  I was worried that my boys would see these photos and demand to know why I didn't get a bunch for their rooms, so I got a few little lapel buttons for their stockings.  Sadly, the works were a little out of my budget for this year, so I had to make due with admiring them (and her adorable little 8-month old).

Sarah Tacoma's encaustic photographs drew me in like a bird to a berry, perhaps in part because of my new-found love of all thing encaustic.  She takes the most gorgeous photos, then over paints them with a touch of colour and a film of beeswax.  The resulting artworks are so dreamy and soft, and you can tell I really had an affinity with those berries.  I also love the doors - they reminded me so much of a New Brunswick artist named Lynn Wiggington who does incredibly detailed paintings of the doors of Saint John (I have a signed poster of her doors in the upstairs hall).  Sarah's display of works was beautifully done, I could have stayed at her booth all day.

The same could be said of Atelier des cent-ans, which I posted about last time as well.  I just LOVE their booth and their works. Their display is lesson in presentation - quiet, careful, and considered.  It reminds me of the Japanese/Scandanavian store Mjolk on Dundas.  The wave motif they presented this year is so beautiful - I have been practicing a very similar style of drawing for an upcoming project (should I ever get time to do it!).

As always, Moon Rox tested my will power with their glittering line-up of baubles and bracelets.  I love the way they use gold and brass, and their pieces always feel like top notch quality.  Someday they will break me for sure.  I am already eyeing one of the bracelets in my photo as I type this, thinking about that awesome re-entry policy that the One of A Kind has...

If you went or are going to the show, I would love to know which artists caught your eye - I am always curious to see other people's picks.  Although many of my friends admire the same booths I do, there is always one or two I miss that I wish I had seen!  Speaking of which, Jen from Rambling Renovators will be presenting her picks tonight on stage at the show, and from touring a bit with her last Thursday as she selected them, I know it is an awesome list.  Don't forget the show is open late tonight - Happy Shopping! :)


  1. oh Sarah Tacoma ... how did I miss her at the show?? love those doors!!!

  2. You should definitely look her up Tim, you would LOVE her stuff.

  3. Man, I need to get out of the house - and the hotel - more often..


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