White Owl loveliness

On one of my new favourite blogs Love. Obsess. Inspire. I came across a give-away for the beautiful jewelry of White Owl on etsy. I thought especially of my friend Laura, who recently confessed to an obsession with finding fabric necklaces. I think they would obviously be show-stoppers with a little black dress, but why not with a v-neck t shirt and jeans?

PS Laura - This one above is called Audrey!


  1. I love the necklace. I'm not so into the other pieces - maybe it's the white of the necklace that I like. It also makes me want to go out shopping for a little black dress! Lisa, you're a bad influence (and I love it).

  2. Seems to me, I walked by a store window here on 41st with something similar to these.

  3. Oooo...I love love LOVE the mulberry earrings. Lisa, I can totally picture you with your hair pulled back in a slick bun or curly pony, lightly lined eyes (to highlight your beautiful blues), subtle blush cheeks, and dramatic lips to match in either bright red or a deep red wine. Stunning. I love your findings. XO


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