So many iPhone Cases!

iPhone case Rifle Paper Co Leif Shop cases

I am starting to worry that iPhone cases might be my new purse.  You know, I have a few but then I see one that I really love, and it doesn't seem that much of an investment, for something I use every day...  I had been crushing on these now-ubiquitous-but-still-so-purdy Rifle Paper Co cases above.  The top left one is my absolute favourite pattern - I have about 6 notes books with that design on the cover that I bought for gifts, but... well, you know. So I thought I would save my pennies for that one (my usual go-to-store is Winners so anything more than $7.99 seems expensive) but then I saw these lovelies from Leif Shop. Gah, I really adore that bottom left one again (scribbled landscape) and the blue tile is so nice...

iPhone case cases Society 6 Afterimages Etsy

Of course Society 6 always has amazing cases to choose from with so much unique artwork to choose from - how awesome is that folded paper number above?  I was also stoked to find Afterimages shop on Etsy which not only has some great choices (love that water one) but will do CUSTOM cases for you too - and all of them are under $20!  I would love to have one with a photo of the boys made, what about you?

neon iPhone case from Zazzle

Of course, if I were thinking purely practically, I would go for a neon number, like these above from Zazzie (only I wouldn't 'cause they are impossibly expensive - $50!?! WHAT??!).  I need something I can easily see in my big pit of a purse.  I don't know how many times I have looked for my phone in my purse, then torn the house apart trying to find it, only to realize that, in its boring black case, it was in the bottom of the purse the whole time.

So what do you have on your phone?  Do you own more than one case?  Are you an addict like myself?  Or do you have one of those ugly indestructible Otter thingers?  Sorry Otter-owners.


  1. I proudly wear my pretty green & pink kate spade cover. I was even called out on it by my boss in front of dozens of people. He must be jealous. ooh so hard to pick.

  2. HAHA you should get him a pretty green and pink one some time. :) I hadn't thought of Kate Spade, but I did spend hours at an Apple store once debating which one I would get if I had the cash!

  3. WOW!!! These are so beautiful! iVana deserves a new case! I also found this delightful one on society 6 - makes me think of water in sand. Thanks once again Lisa for connecting me to beautiful functional things!

  4. Oooh I love that one Selina! And I bet that would show up in my purse. :) xo

  5. Hi Lisa !!
    See you at BlogPodium again this year ?! I love these iPhone cases. So creative and unique ! Choices, ohhhhh lovely awesome choices !!! xox

    PS. I saw your other post about the iPhone 5. I have an iPhone 5 and LOVE it !!!

    See you soon !
    Lynne from Design the Life You Want to Live

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